Ottawa Easy Wheels: The Ottawa Mobile Mechanic

Feb 23, 2023

Sometimes getting in your car and driving to the mechanic is just not on the list for the day — and cars always know the most inconvenient times to break down! And sometimes driving to the local auto shop is just not feasible with the state of your car — and who wants to pay those insane towing fees, right? That’s why at Ottawa Easy Wheels, we offer car servicing on wheels (literally)! Keep on reading to find out how you can benefit from our mobile service. 

To show you what we are all about, we offer mobile servicing to first-time clients so you can see just how convenient it is. Then, we offer mobile mechanic services to our regular clients who come to the shop for bigger repairs and servicing jobs, to ensure a long-standing relationship.

Who is Ottawa Easy Wheels?

Owned and operated by two brothers, Alex and Dan, Ottawa Easy Wheels is an Ottawa East local mechanic, situated in Orleans. Since 2013, our philosophy has always been to bring ease to the auto industry. We do this by combining convenience with quality repairs, transparency, and excellent customer service at our Orleans auto shop. 

Services Offered at Ottawa Easy Wheels

The Ottawa Easy Wheels team takes pride in the services we offer. All of our servicing and repairs are performed or supervised by a licensed and insured automotive mechanic, including of course ourselves, and our team members that help out during busy seasons. At our Orleans auto shop, which is a full-service facility, we do everything from tune-ups and exhaust work to air conditioning, diagnostics, suspension work and anything else your vehicle may need. Some service highlights include:

Tire installationChange or rotate your tires at any time with Ottawa Easy Wheels’ tire services.
Oil and filter changesWarranty-approved servicing with the help of a specialized automotive program that provides maintenance recommendations and intervals recommended by your vehicle’s manufacturer.
InspectionsSeasonal inspections include: tire installation/rotation, oil and filter change, brake inspection, suspension component inspection, battery test, check all fluids, filters, belts, hoses and lights. 
Safety inspections or annual certification inspections are also available.
BrakesBrake replacements, repairs or servicing are all part of Ottawa Easy Wheels’ core services. Automotive manufacturers recommend a full brake service once a year for safety.

In 2020, co-founders Alex and Dan also launched Digital Service Inspections. This offers the opportunity to receive a digital copy of your vehicle’s inspection report featuring comments, status ratings of your car’s key parts, photos and videos of the work completed. We’ve said it before and we will say it again, convenience is key!

Now, you may be thinking, where does mobile servicing come into play? Well, we also have service trucks equipped with tire machines, wheel balancers, air compressors, and other tools. This allows us to bring our car services straight to your driveway.

Mobile Mechanic Orleans

The Ottawa Easy Wheels mobile car servicing is offered all over the Ottawa-east Orleans area for customers who use our services at the shop. Whether that be tire rotations, oil and filter changes, fluid inspections, top-ups, brake inspections, etc… we’ve got you covered from the comfort of your home! Just reach out to see if you are in our coverage area. For first-time customers, we go to your home to show you how the mobile mechanic service works. After that, to take advantage of the mobile service convenience, we offer this service to clients who also come to our shop for bigger jobs such as changing breaks or taking look at your engine and transmission. This allows us to develop a long-lasting relationship with our local community of Orleans and to ensure the longevity of your vehicle. 

For more information regarding mobile car servicing in Orleans, visit the Ottawa Easy Wheels website or book an appointment here: https://ottawaeasywheels.com/.

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