Frequently Asked Questions

Just to help clarify a few things, we thought it would be helpful to create a FAQ!

As always, feel free to reach out and contact us with any questions. We are committed to empowering customers to make informed decisions. 

Where is your shop located?

We have a one bay shop located at 2141 St. Joseph Blvd. in Orleans, Ontario – just in the east end of Ottawa. We share a building with Krown Rustproofing.

Do you do JUST tires?

When we started in 2013, we were a part time business that operated on evenings and weekends.  Back then, we did almost only tire sales and installations.  Over the last 10 years, our business has grown, and we now offer all mechanical services from oil changes, brakes, AC, suspension, engine diagnostics… you name it.  We are fully licensed and insured to perform all vehicle repairs.

How does your mobile service work?

Ottawa Easy Wheels Inc. is pleased to offer mobile services to customers that use us for maintenance and/or repairs at the shop. The reason we are unable to offer ONLY seasonal tire changeovers for people is that our staff are extremely busy during tire seasons (April-June/October-Dec), but in Ottawa, the automotive repair industry cools off significantly in between those times.  Because we need to keep our staff working all year long, we aim to keep the team to a number that is representative of the amount of work we will through the “off seasons”.  If you tried our mobile service and liked how it went, consider booking an appointment at the shop for your vehicle’s maintenance and repairs!  We document everything we do and provide you with receipts to maintain your vehicle’s warranty. If, during a maintenance visit, we spot something that would be covered under your vehicle’s warranty, we’ll let you know and provide you with a short video of the area of concern and how to have it addressed by your dealer.

What services do you offer on the road?

Ottawa Easy Wheels Inc. is equipped with a mobile service van to perform services/repairs at our customers’ locations.  On the van, we have a compressor, a tire machine, and a wheel balancer. With this, we can perform tire services (on OR off rims).

What areas of the city do you service?

We are pleased to offer mobile services to customers located in the Orleans area.

How do your digital inspections work?

We understand that it can be difficult to understand what exactly is being performed on your vehicle and the reasons behind it.  Our focus at Ottawa Easy Wheels Inc. is to educate our customers on the maintenance and repairs we are performing for you.  We feel that this helps build the trust is necessary for a relationship between us and our customers to be successful.  To do this, we have partnered Autovitals to be able to send digital inspections to you by text and/or email.  Any time your car is in for a service of any kind, we are completing either a digital inspection or report to show you exactly what is going on. In these inspections/reports, we send your personalized videos detailing our findings and recommendations.

How long ahead should I book my tire swap over?

In Ottawa, the automotive industry is a seasonal one.  Tire changeovers happen twice a year, and often, people take advantage of their car being at the shop to get repairs or maintenance done, so this is a very busy time for most shops!  We usually start booking summer tire changes in early to mid-March, and winter tire changes in early to mid-October.  After that, we still take appointments, but wait times to have services performed tend to get a little longer.  If you’re looking to secure your spot early, call or email us before the rush!

Do you sell tires?

We do sell tires!  We have access to most tire manufacturers and can even install new tires right at your home!  We also sell rims, and tire pressure monitor sensors.  If you’re looking for a new set of tires, we’ll need the tire size you are looking to replace (i.e., 205/55R16) which can be found on the sidewall of your tire.  If you need help, call or email us and we’ll help you through it!

Do you store tires?

We do store tires!

How much to replace….?

Because there are so many car manufacturers, makes models and years, it’s impossible for us to let you know how much most repairs will cost without some vehicle specific information. There are two main reasons for this.

1. Each part is different, and therefore will have a different price.

2. Each car is built differently. For instance, the starter on your car could be in a location where it is easily accessible, or it could be buried under other components your engine needs to operate and thus, less accessible. The labour times will be representative of the time it takes for us to complete the entire job.

How can we pay you?

We accept payment in either cash, credit, or e-transfer.  After your vehicle has been serviced, we will send you an email with a secure link to settle your invoice by credit card, similarly to how you purchase things online.  If you prefer to pay from your bank account, there will be instructions on where to send the owing balance.