Where to get your car serviced in Ottawa

Mar 8, 2023

Safety is the number one priority when it comes to your car, and getting your car serviced is an absolute necessity, especially with Ottawa weather conditions! Did you know that regularly servicing your vehicle could even prevent some types of breakdowns and/or accidents due to a malfunction of some of your vehicle’s safety features? Our mission here at the shop is education and transparency and we are big proponents of preventative car maintenance. Here is how to make the safety of your car a priority, together with Ottawa Easy Wheels!

What does ‘Car Servicing’ entail?

Car servicing includes all of the service, wear, and maintenance that your car needs. Car manufacturers have different recommendations when it comes to servicing different makes and models. That’s why it’s important to read your car manual to ensure you are following the right guidelines. If you don’t have access to your car manual, don’t panic! Call Ottawa Easy Wheels and get us to pull up your service schedule. We have the information available for most passenger vehicles. 

What is a ‘Full Car Service?’

Car servicing can include a few different maintenance procedures: some of these can be done with our mobile mechanic service where we come to your driveway and all can be done in our Orleans, Ottawa auto shop (if you are a shop customer, take advantage of our mobile servicing too!). 

Oil changes Ottawa

Oil changes are an essential part of car maintenance. They consist of the process of removing and replacing the oil that runs through the engine of your vehicle. It is important to get your oil changed because the parts inside your vehicle’s engine move very fast, and therefore they create friction and heat. If there is no lubrication, overheating can occur which causes damage. Filter changes are another key part of maintaining good vehicle health. They keep everything fresh and ensure that everything is working properly. 

Car fluid check Ottawa

Checking fluid levels include checking the engine oil, the coolant, the power steering fluid, the brake fluid, the transmission fluid as well as the windshield fluid. This process also entails checking for any potential leaks and fixing them on an as-needed basis.

Finally, another core part of car servicing includes the horn and lights check. This is important because these tools are set to keep you safe while driving.

How can Ottawa Easy Wheels help with car servicing?

The mechanics at Ottawa Easy Wheels are experts when it comes to anything to do with maintaining the safety of your vehicle. We have a variety of packages to choose from, so let’s take a look at a few highlights here:

  • Oil change packages come with a suspension check and verification of air filters.
  • Seasonal services include an oil change, suspension check, verification of air filters, as well as a full brake inspection. If the service is being performed at our auto shop in Orleans, the co-owners, Alex and Dan, will have your car on the hoist and verify your exhaust. This will help display the structural components under your vehicle, and give us a more accurate representation of what the conditions of your frame look like.
  • Verification of engine lights is another service offered by Ottawa Easy Wheels, and it is crucial to keep your vehicle running properly.
  • Other maintenance services include replacing the cabin air filter, changing transmission fluid, replacing brake fluid, as well as changing differential fluid. These services are not included in the Ottawa Easy Wheels’ packages, however they are readily available by request.

To book your appointment or for more information regarding car servicing and maintenance, visit the Ottawa Easy Wheels website: https://ottawaeasywheels.com/

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